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About us - the leading portal for business, investment and living in Switzerland and the Switzerland Business & Investment Handbook arose from the idea and need for a really first-rate, up-to-date and useful platform for business and investment in Switzerland. Nothing of this kind had been attempted before. Swissnetwork Media is very pleased to present and the third edition of the Switzerland Business and Investment Handbook to interested readers and investors.

The website is the largest Swiss internet portal for business and investment and it features a unique overview and further information about the topics covered in the Switzerland Business and Investment Handbook, including:

a pool of experts with frequent updates, expert advice and opinions;

• comprehensive topical overviews;

• special sections, directories and links to companies’ and experts’ websites; also enables the user to make direct contact with service providers, companies and professionals who have contributed to this book as well as other experts and companies in many different areas. 

Furthermore, special sections are devoted entirely to specific topics that are of particular relevance for anyone new to doing business or living in Switzerland. For example, there is a section on the website which deals solely with banking, where all relevant information about banking in Switzerland may be found in one convenient place. Likewise, there are special sections on real estate/housing, legal matters, expatriate taxation, insurance matters, and other topics which really matter.

The many unique features and the comprehensive, high-quality content make this the most important website for business, investment and living in Switzerland.

Christian H. Kälin,
Editor Switzerland Business & Investment Handbook, Henley & Partners, Zurich